How To Clear The Clutter

Hey everybody, today I’d like to talk about getting back into old projects that have collected dust in the many months (years?) since you started them. I just purchased a turnkey business opportunity and I’m trying to clear the clutter before starting something totally new! (more…)

Quick To Please, Quick To Sicken

I’ve always seen things in a somewhat funny light. It seems like many or all the things that bring you quick pleasure can leave you found wanting in the long run.

Things like smoking cigarettes, something instantly enjoyable (for some), and something that definitely does not bring benefits in the long run of things. (more…)

A Little Rest And Respite

Today I’m kicking back and just enjoying my day a little bit. I’ve been so caught up in the hustle and bustle that I haven’t even given myself time to smell the roses.

We all get so caught up in our work here in life that we don’t always allow friends and family the time they need and deserve. So I’m taking the time to take a little break from all of my projects so that I can clean up a little bit around the house and call my parents. (more…)

How To Make Something A Habit

photo-1433424007598-bd5d102e8597Life is so full of bad habits that sometimes we associate the word itself with bad things or nervous reactions. Sure, there are many bad habits out there like smoking or playing with your hair. (more…)

How To Stop Making Excuses That Hold You Back

Hello everybody. We all make excuses in our minds, whether or not we really realize it. From not meeting our goals at the gym with our training regimen to not doing the laundry,¬†we make more excuses than are consciously aware of. (more…)

Today I Went To A Very Special Place

Hey hey, today was pretty good all in all. I did a lot of the things correctly that I’m trying to make into (good) habits, such as drinking a warm glass of lemon water when I wake up and thirty minutes before I eat breakfast. Why warm lemon water, you ask? Just try it. Whenever you wake up, squeeze one half of a lemon into a warm glass of water and drink that puppy. Tell me you don’t feel an instant little boost of energy! (more…)

Hello, And Welcome To My New Blog Journal

Hey hey, what’s up world? My name is Mitchell Roland and this is where I’ll be making a daily journal sort of blog where I talk about what I do and see on a regular day. It’s also to keep me accountable on certain goals, like increasing productivity (a big setback for me.) So without further ado, ta-da! Here it is. No bells and whistles, just pure awesomeness in the form of me. (Did I come off a little to strong there?)

See ya!

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